Eddie Callis

Eddie Callis from The Undateables has just released the 6-track album Gone To Mars featuring his band, The Travelling Time-Wasters.
An earlier EP, Power 2 The Energy, has also been re-released.

Eddie is a musician (singer/ songwriter and harmonica player) and artist living in Cornwall who is on the Autism Spectrum. He uses his art and music to express his emotions and feelings.

Travelling Time-Wasters

Travelling Time-Wasters (ft Eddie Callis) are a band from Cornwall. They play original upbeat alternatives and eclectic songs with vocals, harmonicas, bass and guitars fusing into a hypnotic rhythm.
Gone To Mars features Eddie on lead vox/harmonica, Stuart on guitar/BVox and Adrian on bass/drums/BVox. Tracks 2 and 5 also feature Tom on drums.

Travelling Time-Wasters promote an awareness of Autism and some members are on the Spectrum.

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contact info@eddiecallis.co.uk